luxury event hire, design and management

for Discerning Corporations and Individuals with Distinctive Taste

Who Want the Finest Immersive Experience.

in a beautiful and meaningful way through luxury events and corporate experiences that ignite genuine face-to-face interaction and engagement. 

The value of a luxury event or corporate experience isn’t how much money it costs, but how much quality thought, intention and imagination are poured into it. Not every thought, idea or strategy is equal. 

bring people together

 a wealth of expertise, artistic skill and brand savvy to create immersive experiences that engage all of the senses while remaining true to your brand or individual style and personality. 

our team sources quality, fine materials and collaborates with top-tier, industry leaders, but we’re also a hub of quality thoughts, ideas, creativity and intention.
      Founded by Zambian-native Mwai Yeboah, Urbane Designs is a branch of Exalt Africa whose mission is to esteem Africa by connecting clients and customers to products, places, services and talent in Africa or inspired by her people. 

at urbane designs,

our mission

what we do

urbane designs brings

finding a company you can trust

to pull of all aspects of your luxury event or corporate experience can be challenging

in planning a high-end event that's every bit of what you envision:

Team Building and Corporate Experiences that build camaraderie; encourage spontaneous interactions; help employees align with your corporate mission and culture, and spark creativity for the free flow of ideas and innovative solutions

Bespoke Corporate Hampers that make attendees feel extremely cared for and spoiled so they build a deeper connection with and respect for your brand

Production, Lighting, and Entertainment so that you have the staging, structure, lighting, audio and visual for a high-tech, live experience that takes your guests on a journey

Luxury Items for Hire that add an element of elegance and play up the ambiance and aesthetics to create a truly luxurious experience

we offer the following services to support you

Wedding and Event Design that engages all of the senses and immerses you and your guests into a jaw-dropping experience no one can stop talking about

Wedding and Event Management that’s streamlined, organized and strategic so that your event kicks off without a hitch and flows seamlessly

Food Experiences and Catering from private chefs and top-tier caters who understand food connoisseurs’ palates, five-star presentation, and fine-ingredient sourcing expectations

Our events and experiences are immersive and our creative artistry, experience and talent are yours to borrow—at a fee, of course. 

we’d love to learn about your upcoming event and see where we fit in.

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